Manuscript Submission

I have a book in me, what should I do? Begin by writing fast and furious. Do not mind the spelling or grammar. Do not worry about what others will say. Just tell your story.

What can I expect from publishing my book? There are many reasons to publish a book; to get rich is not one of them. Bookselling is generally not a lucrative business for most. Authors typically receive only 10-15% of the cover price of the book. Promoting a book is a frustrating, grueling, and often expensive process and few attain the celebrity or wealth they envision.

So why do it? Publish a book when you have no choice not to. When the burning desire to tell your story consumes your thoughts when you go to sleep at night and when you arise in the morning.

To submit a manuscript to Bree Noa:
Please generate a cover letter which includes:
• complete contact information
• a synopsis
• the intended audience
• what makes your story unique and exceptional
• biographical data about the author

Submit the cover letter and entire manuscript to: or
P.O. Box 204, West Linn, OR 97068