Security and Privacy Policy

Bree Noa Publishing understands the need to prevent online fraud. To ensure security, we use industry standard security measures involving both hardware and software. We also use “best practices” with regard to any information we collect to complete your purchase, using it only for the intended purpose. All information collected is transferred through secure channels at the highest level of encryption supported by your web browsing software.

We use PayPal. PayPal protects your financial information with industry-leading security and fraud prevention systems. When you use PayPal, your financial information is not shared with the merchant. Once your payment is complete, you will be emailed a receipt for this transaction.

We also use ELAVON, an internet credit card processor, via LADCO (a leading internet secure software provider) to protect your direct VISA purchases.

This processor is one of the most widely used on the internet and prevents any information you send to us from being read by unauthorized parties. Only when your information has been been passed to our secure servers, housed in a physcially secure location and protected by firewall software, is your transaction processed.

Your credit card information is employed only for your purchase with Bree Noa Publishing. Your information is received and processed by a merchant bank (via Elavon) to ensure that all credit details are accurate and represent a genuine purchase. Otherwise, none of your information is viewed by or provided to anyone.

Bree Noa respects your privacy. The personal information you submit to Bree Noa will not be shared, sold, or disclosed to third parties EXCEPT when required by law.