What is Bree Noa? What's our story?

What's in a name? A name is important. It gives life and purpose to a thing. It determines what something will become.

So why Bree Noa? Bree Noa is Gaelic for second wind or reinvigoration. Our name is our mission. It is about lives newly inspired to redefine themselves. It is about their stories that emerge and demand to be told. It is about sharing those stories so to provide others with a nudge to reinvigorate their journey.

A picture says a thousand words, so what's with the logo? We chose the triskele as our logo because of its universal application. Its image bridges cultures, geography and time. Desiring to create permanence, the triskele image was carved in stone and photographed. Thus we had our logo.

We want to be the wind to carry these tales to the world and in doing so, help people. To remain loyal to this mission, we demand exceptional manuscripts that emerge from authors who maintain the same level of passion and steadfast commitment as we do ourselves. Authors who view their work as if it has life and breath of its own.

About Us. Bree Noa Publishing was incorporated in March of 2009, In West Linn, OR. Our publisher and creative force is Alina Blankenship. We are a members of the Independent Book Publishers Association, Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association, NW Association of Book Publishers, Indiebound, and North American Bookdealers Exchange.